Avoiding Common Mistakes in Home Renovations

Image Where Workers are Busy In Renovating HomeRenovating your home is time-consuming and stressful. Ask anyone who recently had their kitchen renovated. It’s difficult work whether you do the work yourself or even if you hire renovators. It’s expensive and usually you don’t even know whether you’ll achieve your expectations. These are just some of the gripes people have during the whole ordeal. Nonetheless, this doesn’t have to be an entirely dissatisfying experience for you and your family.

Know what home renovation mishaps to avoid.

Mistake: Having No Clear Goals

So you just want to change how your kitchen looks because you saw a fantastic kitchen design in a magazine, and you want your kitchen to look exactly like it. Wait! What’s in it for you and your finances? Renovating a part of your house can cost you an arm and a leg. So if you’re doing it out of your whim, you’re probably overspending and shortchanging yourself.


Don’t make quick home renovation decisions. Assess your finances. Assess your family needs.

Image of People Who Made Mistake in Home RenovationMistake: Underestimating the Project

Oh, it’s just a simple repainting job. The tiles just need to be replaced. You think it’s too easy, so you muscle up and probably call your oldest son to help. A week into your so-called renovation, the whole place is a mess, and you couldn’t figure out how to fix it. You decide it was time to call up renovators. What a waste of energy and money!


Before you buy materials, before you even think of doing the job yourself, ask if you have done it before, if you have the necessary skills, and if you can do exact measurements. Most of the time, what seems easy is quite difficult. And sometimes what has the potential to look like an excellent accomplishment will be sabotaged by your substandard procedures. A lot of builders are called to fix bathrooms a month or so after some DIY renovation, and this is the reason.

Mistake: Failure to Comply Legal Requirements

The law requires that you seek building approvals before doing home renovations. If you’re unsure whether a permit is necessary for the project you wish to do, ask your local council. Local authorities can issue a stop order if they catch you tearing down your kitchen walls and making home extensions without securing the correct permits beforehand. Nonetheless, individual fixes like repainting or cabinet replacements need no permission from your local council. The reason we built this site is so people don’t have to get caught out with these mistakes. You can learn more about what compels us to write here.


Your builder most likely will seek a building permit on your behalf. If not, then consult your local building authority. They will provide you a list of required documents to process the approval. As a property owner, you’re the one responsible for securing the correct documentation, not your builder.

Mistake: Making Wrong Structural Changes

Changing or removing lintels, columns, or buttresses can lead to weakening of your house framework, which leads to future problems. Your house may become vulnerable to even minor tremors due to incorrect building methods during the renovations.


This is another instance wherein the expertise of builders comes into play. Average DIYers are not too familiar with the engineering involved in building construction and renovations that they do anything without much forethought, often leading to a fiasco.